Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Work Horse Not A Show Pony

I'm in the process of giving a couple of bamboo chairs a face lift. Want to see a before photo? I thought you might...

The chairs came from my Aunt who moved out West who got them from my sister who got them from a yard sale maybe? When I pulled off the seat from one of the chairs I saw something that I would like to think is a good omen:

If you knew me as a child you'd know that I used to write my name on everything. And yes, furniture is included in everything. So strange. It even looks like my six-year-old scrawling. There was also a sticker on one of the chairs. It said, "Do Not Move To New Building". Poor chairs. They got left at the old building.

I usually have a project or two on the go, and at least 100 plans and dreams and schemes in my head, waiting in the wings. And lately David has been complaining a lot about it and I don't understand why. I can see complaining about someone who is really lazy. Even lazy people think poorly of lazy people. But I'm working. Working really hard. And when is that a bad thing ever? Anyway. Speaking of working hard, the mudroom makeover is coming slowly but surely. Last night I got a coat of paint on the floor and tonight I did the finish coat. Looks much better than it did. After all that sweaty hard work, what better way to relax than with a blended iced coffee drink with caramel and whipped cream?

Why yes, I have been using my Copco Eco-First Sierra Tumbler. Thanks for asking.


Bryan Raydio said...

i have to admit, that looks delicious.

Natty said...

It IS delicious. I like to put a little extra caramel in the bottom of the cup and then the first sip from the straw you take is infused with sweet and delicious caramel. My trade secret but feel free to use it. :)