Friday, July 16, 2010

The Little One

Today I happened upon Cain's medical record from his first shots before he was part of our family. Finding this gave me two very interesting pieces of information: a) his exact birthdate, May 24, 1996 (I knew it was sometime in May 1996) and b) the name given to him by the breeder, Three Patch. Three Patch? Good lord, they must have named a lot of dogs before they got to him. And yes, he does have three patches. I wonder what the other dogs in his litter were named; Two Patch and White and Brown? I tried to get him to come to Three Patch and he wouldn't. Which is very telling considering he would probably come to any name you call him. He's not dumb, he just LOVES attention. He's pretty cute, isn't he?:

So he just turned 14 a couple of months ago and I turn 28 this year. That means that he is now the age I was when we got him, older actually. And he's been in my life for over half of my life. He's the most loyal, funny, amazing little dog and one of my oldest friends. He's my best friend. And don't feel bad for me, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And here's one more picture of him (with some more kitchen progress in the background):