Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Cat Burglar

Last weekend when we picked up the keys for our new place among our first visitors was a friendly little cat. He crawled up onto our deck and welcomed us to the neighbourhood. Fast forward to yesterday, our first day moved into the house and my first day working from my new workspace. I was sitting there acclimating to my new surroundings when I heard a sound behind me. I turned to see an intruder. Someone had broken into our house on our very first day in it. He crawled in through a broken screen and immediately got to work rubbing up against every item in sight, sizing up their value and going from room to room scoping out the place. Lucky for me I was quick-minded enough to snap some photos of the trespasser for evidence.

Exhibit A:

And later, the cat burglar had the gall to have a cat nap.
Exhibit B:

If you or anyone you know has information regarding this crime please leave a comment. If the information leads to an arrest or a charge, I will be surprised. And sort of sad.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Tired is looking in your side mirror as you pull away from a drive-thru window to insure that you didn't leave the gas pump in the tank.

Also, junk food.

Spam that don't come in a can...

Because I don't get very many comments on this blog (a few though, thanks Bray) I have an email alert set up for when I do. Tonight I got an email telling me that I got a comment on a blog post that was awhile back. Sure enough, spam:

Don't you spam me with your lies Christian. Shame on you. A good Christian would never do such a thing. On another note, you don't hear the name Christian much anymore. Always makes me think of the lion video. You know the one:

Never. Gets. Old.

Defective Oreos

During our move I've been living off of a box of Oreo Cookies and a bag of Cheese Popcorn. The Oreos are defective! You can't pry the two sides apart to get at the cream without it crumbling. Oreo after Oreo and I haven't gotten one apart correctly. I have the crumbs all over the place to prove it. I guess though that if this is my biggest worry today I'm doing alright. Also, I'm noticing a pattern. A junk food pattern.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Billboard Made Me Do It.

As soon as you pull off of our new street, you are face to face with one of the simplest and largest (as in size) forms of advertising: the billboard. And two days of driving by the McDonald's Mint Aero McFlurry placard was enough to have me speeding to our local Micky D's and (literally) jumping the drive-thru curb to quench the marketing induced craving. As I shovelled the McBlizzard down I couldn't help but think about why I was eating it.

The Billboard Made Me Do It. 

Billboards seem so old fashioned, archaic even and yet, in an age where so much of marketing seems to exist online and on television; the two places where so many of us spend an ungodly percentage of our time, billboards haven't let up. And why should they? They work, I'm proof. Now I can't help but wonder what I will be rushing out to buy next week. And the week after that...

Good god, I'm at the mercy of the ad moguls. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Life is Good

This is a pretty silly graphic but it is so so true. Life is good. Even when it sometimes feels like it's not, it is. Always is. Yesterday and today it is easy to see that. Last night I went to my parent's place for a couple hours to help them on the kitchen renovation. We got a little bit done and I zipped out of there because they had company coming and so did I. Ladies night. We stuffed ourselves until our pants didn't fit and we were all uncomfortable. We do this every week and somehow we never learn our lesson and it never gets old. Leftover ice-cream and rootbeer meant that I got to sit out on the deck at lunchtime today reading and sipping a rootbeer float in the sun. It's the Friday before a long weekend and we might just be getting the keys to the house tomorrow. Montreal for a week in a week. Let's hope I have had a VERY eventful and productive week by then!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Rent

Within the span of 24 hours we found a house to rent, secured it, found someone to rent our apartment a month earlier than planned and made moving plans.

We move next week into our cute, little, interesting new home. I've gone from busy to BUSY. Pretty excited to have a yard, and a garage and basement. And to not be attached to anyone. And to sit out on our deck or in our sunroom and watch the hooligans go by in our rough little neighbourhood.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Please list any dietary restrictions or food allergies:

Allergic to lobster and averse to bananas

I'm so funny.


Yesterday I met four new friends that look a lot like this:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today we looked at a 2-bedroom apartment. The one bedroom that was a habitable size had a window looking into the neighbouring apartment's kitchen. As a selling feature the guy told us as he gestured to the window, "You could put a curtain over it". Everything about the place was so bad and so odd that it never occurred to me until afterward that him saying, "You COULD put a curtain over it" reveals that he never bothered to. You also had to walk through a small and strange room with a toilet in it to get to this room. I could tell you more but I'll spare you. So so bad.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dog Park

Cain and I discovered a new (and rather obvious) hangout spot. When I look at all the pictures I took of him running around playing with his new friends I like to think of captions for what I bet he is thinking.

Good lord he is cute.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blogging is Building

I want to blog, I do. And I often do inside my head while I'm driving. Somehow those entries never make it from my grey matter to the computer screen. In my defense though my brain-blogging often happens while I'm running from one place to the next. I've been busy. Where the blog stopped and busy began was a surprise renovation of my parent's entryway while they were away for a week (with the help of my sister). We framed a closet, drywalled and crackfilled, painted, built and upholstered a bench, hung shelves, a mirror, some hooks and baskets, repaired and painted a dresser, etc. and I haven't stopped since. And I know blogging is basically building something, albeit a much cleaner form of construction. While it shames me to disappoint the one and a half people who actually read this blog, sometimes you have to go with wherever you make the biggest impact.