Saturday, June 26, 2010

This and That: The Headache Edition.

So when I posted about those roofers earlier, it was annoying, but mostly laughable. But then they were there ALL DAY and they got noisier and more annoying throughout and then around noontime the honking of a truck horn started, and continued for the next hour and a half. And then I called the cops. Okay, no I didn't. But I was tempted and am considering this their get out of jail free card. I'm calling next time. End. Of. Story. Thankfully, I had to go into the office late in the afternoon and I noticed as I did how tense I was in the neck and shoulders. I guess being irked for most of the day by the neighbours caused me to tense up without realizing it. Before I left I thought to check in on the case of the missing phone bill and behold more tension and annoyance (I won't get into the details as Aliant's incompetencies deserve their own post entirely).

I headed over town and went to work and ran a few errands. Home for about two seconds before I headed to meet my Mom and Dad and Aunt for a going away dinner for my Aunt that is moving to Manitoba to live nearer her daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren. So while sending her off shouldn't necessarily be a happy occasion, it shouldn't be an entirely awkward one either. I will just say that my parents insisting on paying for her meal for some reason got her in a huff and she ended up getting mad and ended up taking off for the car before anyone else and she was all angry or something and then when I went to say bye to her she was being all snarky and sarcastic with me. It was rather upsetting really. I am going to chalk it up to stress and nerve medication. But the very very naughty side of me is also thinking that she managed to turn a farewell meal into a good riddance dinner. Apparently she gave my parents the silent treatment the rest of the way home. Dad said, "18 more hours". At this point I would also like to add that my parents are the only relatives she has in this city that she speaks to and they take her to get groceries, they bring her to their house for all holiday and birthday celebrations, they have recently put their kitchen renovation on hold to haul car load after car load of her belongings around, and for the last few days she has been staying with them so she could have her apartment emptied and ready to go. Anyway, not the nicest note to end on but what can you do.

After that debacle, I headed over to pick up an antique (or old at least) oak wooden office chair that I bought from some lady on the cheap. I'm going to sand and paint it and make or buy a cushion for it. See, I told you I'm already working on my office makeover. I popped in the house long enough to turn around and walk back out and headed out to pick up a couple new sets of blinds for the bedroom. I would like to gather up all of the cheap roller blinds in the world and torch them. Anxiety. The ones in our bedroom are crap and will never go down when you want them to and will never go up when you want them to. And when they finally give in, they give in with such gusto that they fly wildly out of their brackets and through the air. Next time they fly it will be into a dark corner of the basement.

I ended my day trying to figure out how to adjust my new old chair and ended up with black stuff all over my hands and the kitchen floor. It's okay, it needs a mopping anyway. Anyhow, just when I thought it was stuck 6 inches off of the ground, I unstuck it. Happy Ending. It's a good thing though that all the screws appear to be tight on it because I took out some screwdrivers and none of the tips seemed to fit which makes me think that maybe they weren't a standarized size, at least by today's standards. Most of the heads were those star ones (no, not phillips but the uncommon 6-pointed star (star of David) ones). And, embarrassed that I completed two of four carpentry blocks and don't know the name of them, I've looked it up and it appears they are called Torx. I feel better actually because I've never heard that in my life so I didn't just forget. And I've learned something new. And maybe so have you.

Tomorrow I will be doing ground work with the two younger horses in the morning. And then I'll be coming home to sand and put the last coat of poly on the headboard I built. If all goes as planned that sucker should be bolted to the bed frame on Sunday. I also want to work on the bedroom curtains I'm sewing, put up the new blinds I just bought, prime the office chair and maybe even accomplish some gardening. I'd like to also take some photographs of flowers in our yard for a little project I want to do.

This post was rather random but it has served its purpose: decompress, de-stress and then go to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 


Bryan Raydio said...

old people get upset for dumb reasons. don't become an old person.