Friday, October 22, 2010

The Not So Curious Tale of the Bad Blogger Who Had a Lovely Day

I've been a bad blogging girl. I had such good intentions too! I remember thinking at the beginning of October that I was going to put in extra effort to publish a blog post every day or two. And now look at me. I haven't blogged in almost a month. So sad. But I'm not going to dwell on any of that. I came on here specifically to tell you how wonderful a day I had. It was fantastic really. And I didn't win the lottery or a cruise or anything ridiculous like that. It's the little stuff...

After driving Dave to work I went to run some errands. Did you know that Walmart opens at 8:00 am? Amazing. Also, Bulk Barn, Dollarama and Scoop and Save. Do you know how fun picking out toppings for a Sundae buffet is? It's REALLY fun.

And then Lisa cut my hair. And I know you're not supposed to say this about your own hair, but it's amazing. Love. it. And she did it for me for a birthday present. Even better. And then she took me out for a birthday lunch to my favourite fine dining establishment for my favourite meal. Why can't days like today happen everyday?

Lisa wanted to stop in to Michaels so I took the opportunity to check out my favourite aisle in the store which is not actually an aisle at all. The $1.50 bins. I love them. It feels like visiting a high-class dollar store. I maybe went a tad overboard but it was fun. I think that was the theme for today. Fun. Fun and love. Yes. I am high on life. Can you handle it? We're only at noon in my story of today. Keep reading if you enjoy all things positive and fun. And birthdays and sunshine and kittens.

Next up I had to drop Lisa back off and headed to get my driver's license renewed. Now this is a pivotal moment in the story of today considering that things could have really taken a turn for the worse at this point since I had to head to Service New Brunswick (need I say more?). First I got the parking space directly in front of the building. Second there were 50 minutes left on the meter. Third I went inside bumped into two people I like very much and didn't have to wait long at all. And then the lady that took my new information wished me a happy birthday. I got my fancy new license and the picture only took three tries. It was quite amusing. I just couldn't seem to get the 'stand still, look at this spot and smile if you want to' down. The first try I looked at the spot and after I saw a flash I looked away. Turns out it was the flash of the camera in the booth next to mine. On the second try the same thing happened again only this time I was actually walking away. It was hilarious. I saw the picture on the screen and I'm literally turned and walking out of the frame. The third one was a charm. And my shiny new license and I are embarking on a new four-year long relationship. We've become fast friends. I don't even think of my old license anymore.

With that chore turned fun-filled trip down, I had to head back up the hill for birthday cake at work. I got a couple cards, a dozen compliments on my hair and some chocolate cake. Yup, that happened.

Okay, so this is getting long. The moral of the story is. I had a REALLY good day. Next I headed to Chapters, browsed and got a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks. I even said, "Yes" when approached by a dear older lady asking if I would participate in a survey. It was 20 pages long. I smiled a lot. She was cute. I might win a gift certificate. Wouldn't that be the icing on the cake? Pun intended. Always intended.

I headed over to pick up David from work but he was running a little late. I left him a note telling him to meet me over at Winners so I could look for winter jackets. My last winter coat has holes in it and all I cared about was finding a warm coat. I was thinking down-filled because really what is warmer than that? Don't get me wrong, I love pea coats, patterned or coloured or classic black or navy but who started the rumour that they are warm? I have froze my ass off in cute winter coats for too many Winters. So funny that my quest to find a warmth first cute second coat ended in purchasing a  Soïa & Kyo parka. I always thought that if I ended up buying one it would be one of the previously mentioned cute ones with oversized buttons and an asymmetrical collar but I am so happy with this coat. Did I forget to mention that my fabulous fella bought it for me for my birthday? Yup. Love. It goes all the way to my knee, and is ridiculously warm and cozy. I couldn't find a picture of it online but it is very similar to this one:

Perusing their website has me convinced that I now need a "snood". I was thinking about a hooded scarf from American Apparel but held off not knowing what my coat would look like. This would be WAY warmer which if you hadn't noticed is the name of the game this year. I wonder if they have them at Envy. I wonder....

Okay, so it was a long day. A long fantastic day. And it ended with eating Pita Pit with my lover, talking about and watching UFO videos, checking out the dartboard we bought for the garage, putting away all my fabulous finds, blogging and heading to bed. Night night blog friends. Sweet dreams and happy days.