Saturday, July 10, 2010


Our little house in our rough little neighbourhood came with a rough little mudroom. The whole house is in pretty great shape, except of course the mudroom. A couple "before" pictures to show you what I mean:

Pretty mangey right? Anyway, I'm happy to report that a quick coat of paint made quite a difference but there are still quite a few things I want to accomplish in there in the next couple weeks. With any luck I'll be able to post some "after" photos soon. One of the projects that I had in mind for in there was to take some photos of flowers in our yard, frame them and put them up on the wall to brighten it up a bit and I thought it would be a nice way to remember the things that grow outside in the middle of winter when they are six feet under snow. I snapped a few the other day and am happy with the results. I had originally intended to pick a few favourites and frame and display them separately but when I put them into collage form, I really liked how they looked. So much so that I'll likely do something similar for the wall. I was eating Smartfood at the time so maybe that was it...

Speaking of taking pictures, I found a blog called Under the Sycamore written by a photographer. She has amazing photographs. Looking through her blog makes me want to a) take better photos and b) have said photos published into coffee table books (for my own coffee table). I shouldn't admit these things, should I?


Bryan Raydio said...

cool idea. i want to make coffee books too.