Friday, November 2, 2012

31 before 31

I turned 30 last week and if I'm being honest, I was a little bit disappointed with it. I didn't really do much anything to celebrate as the weekend was a bit monopolized by Halloween celebrations and parties. I don't generally go into birthdays, or anything really with expectations and I think that having a mindset that 30 was a milestone to be celebrated may have been my downfall. I have been thinking about making a '31 before 31' list for awhile and I spent my birthday finalizing my list. I'm feeling rather inspired and positive about having a list of goals to work on throughout the year and don't see any reason why I can't achieve everything on the list. Who cares about birthdays anyway? I can celebrate every day!

Here it is:

1.        Take tennis lessons
2.        Make bath & body products
3.        Run a half marathon
4.        Do tax reassessments
5.        Improve photography/take more photographs
6.        Run a 4:00 km
7.        Get a new computer
8.        Make 2011/2012 photobook
9.        Complete Blissology program in 28 straight days
10.      Make homemade wine
11.      Explore more in cooking/cook more
12.      Go on 10 trips; small or big/day trips or overnight
13.      Read 25 books
14.      Write handwritten letters
15.      Write a blog
16.      Improve physical fitness/track progress
17.      Make new friends and be a good friend
18.      Practice yoga at least once a week all year long
19.      Run 1000 km this year
20.      Improve French language skills
21.      Do a 30 day yoga challenge
22.      Clean out email inbox/maintain no emails in inbox
23.      Host 6 dinner parties
24.      Run a sub 23:00 5K
25.      Get passport renewed
26.      Climb Katahdin
27.      Get a commuter bike
28.      Volunteer with Laubach Literacy
29.      Complete German study guide
30.      Complete 100 push-ups
31.      Do the splits