Friday, May 21, 2010

Life is Good

This is a pretty silly graphic but it is so so true. Life is good. Even when it sometimes feels like it's not, it is. Always is. Yesterday and today it is easy to see that. Last night I went to my parent's place for a couple hours to help them on the kitchen renovation. We got a little bit done and I zipped out of there because they had company coming and so did I. Ladies night. We stuffed ourselves until our pants didn't fit and we were all uncomfortable. We do this every week and somehow we never learn our lesson and it never gets old. Leftover ice-cream and rootbeer meant that I got to sit out on the deck at lunchtime today reading and sipping a rootbeer float in the sun. It's the Friday before a long weekend and we might just be getting the keys to the house tomorrow. Montreal for a week in a week. Let's hope I have had a VERY eventful and productive week by then!


Bryan Raydio said...

good stuff... root beer float! great name for a song... i'm going for a run!