Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Billboard Made Me Do It.

As soon as you pull off of our new street, you are face to face with one of the simplest and largest (as in size) forms of advertising: the billboard. And two days of driving by the McDonald's Mint Aero McFlurry placard was enough to have me speeding to our local Micky D's and (literally) jumping the drive-thru curb to quench the marketing induced craving. As I shovelled the McBlizzard down I couldn't help but think about why I was eating it.

The Billboard Made Me Do It. 

Billboards seem so old fashioned, archaic even and yet, in an age where so much of marketing seems to exist online and on television; the two places where so many of us spend an ungodly percentage of our time, billboards haven't let up. And why should they? They work, I'm proof. Now I can't help but wonder what I will be rushing out to buy next week. And the week after that...

Good god, I'm at the mercy of the ad moguls. 


Bryan Raydio said...

i want an ice cream