Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blogging is Building

I want to blog, I do. And I often do inside my head while I'm driving. Somehow those entries never make it from my grey matter to the computer screen. In my defense though my brain-blogging often happens while I'm running from one place to the next. I've been busy. Where the blog stopped and busy began was a surprise renovation of my parent's entryway while they were away for a week (with the help of my sister). We framed a closet, drywalled and crackfilled, painted, built and upholstered a bench, hung shelves, a mirror, some hooks and baskets, repaired and painted a dresser, etc. and I haven't stopped since. And I know blogging is basically building something, albeit a much cleaner form of construction. While it shames me to disappoint the one and a half people who actually read this blog, sometimes you have to go with wherever you make the biggest impact.


Bryan Raydio said...

nice job. great video. you are excused from not blogging.

Natty said...

Thanks! I'm glad you have that authority.

Bryan Raydio said...

i am the local blog authority, so you're welcome.