Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Cat Burglar

Last weekend when we picked up the keys for our new place among our first visitors was a friendly little cat. He crawled up onto our deck and welcomed us to the neighbourhood. Fast forward to yesterday, our first day moved into the house and my first day working from my new workspace. I was sitting there acclimating to my new surroundings when I heard a sound behind me. I turned to see an intruder. Someone had broken into our house on our very first day in it. He crawled in through a broken screen and immediately got to work rubbing up against every item in sight, sizing up their value and going from room to room scoping out the place. Lucky for me I was quick-minded enough to snap some photos of the trespasser for evidence.

Exhibit A:

And later, the cat burglar had the gall to have a cat nap.
Exhibit B:

If you or anyone you know has information regarding this crime please leave a comment. If the information leads to an arrest or a charge, I will be surprised. And sort of sad.