Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meditation Bench and Zabuton

Dave has been starting to practice meditation some but found he was struggling with maintaining posture and that back pain was distracting him. I built him a meditation bench out of pine for Christmas and sewed a cushion (zabuton) out of grey canvas with blue piping.

I won't bother to write out a tutorial or directions but if you found this post while looking for a how-to for either of these items and are interested in measurements or how I made them, just leave a comment and I'll add more information.

(image from here)


Bryan Raydio said...

teach me, oh great one... i, too, yearn to speak with the gods!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been looking at plans to make a meditation bench. The measurements seem very different from one other that I wonder if each one is really a "custom" job. Did you come up with some universal measurement which can be applied to various body types and heights? I'm 6' tall.