Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm weird. But only as weird as my mum. But that's still pretty weird.

For as long as I can remember my mum would gaze out the window watching birds, calling me over and telling me what species she spotted and exactly how many of each visited her feeders regularly. She would excitedly point out the birds, and proudly tell stories about them like they were her own. I would usually try to humour her for a minute or two but would quickly grow impatient as she would call me back to the window again and again when a robin, or finch or blue-jay would appear. It always seemed so silly. So boring. I've wanted to hang a feeder up in our yard for awhile and I figured that Winter; when a lot of people stop putting seed out, would be a good time to start. A day and a half after I hung it, three or four chickadees came calling and have been feeding from it for the last two weeks. Today was the first day other species came calling. And I didn't know what they were. I immediately called my mother and described them to her. I googled. I tried to take pictures with my cellphone. I tried to take pictures with my Nikon. They were too quick for me. They disappeared before I had the chance. I had a birdwatching adrenaline rush. I think it was a finch and a sapsucker but only time will tell. And don't worry, I'll keep you posted.

Sorry Mum. I get it now. 

(Chickadee that wasn't camera-shy)


Bryan Raydio said...

it's confirmed. you are an old lady.

Dave said...

I can honestly picture you having a birdwatching adrenaline rush.