Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sugar Pop

Almost makes me want to break out into a Justin Timberlake chorus that throws back to his 'N Sync days. Yeah you know the one. Lame! Anyway, onto the real sugar -- in keeping with my resolutions while still maintaining a pretty solid hibernation strategy until Winter packs up and takes a long walk off a short pier, I ordered my fabric for my first quilt. The books I ordered from Amazon came a couple days ago but I've decided that my first project is going to be made with some pre-cuts and a tutorial I've found online. I decided to order fabric online as I'm less than impressed with the prices and selection found locally (I'm talking to you Fabricville and Sewing World).

The line of fabric I picked is foolishly fun and most often used with projects for babies and small children. And yet somehow it said 28-year-old female to me. These fabrics make me smile.

Can't wait until they arrive!


Bryan Raydio said...

what's less impressive, the prices or the fabric? i won't pretend to know anything about fabric whatsoever but when i went to Fabricville it looked like they had just about every kind of fabric ever invented.