Tuesday, January 11, 2011


For some reason when Dave goes away I turn into such a.... Bachelor. And not in any kind of skeevy way. It's worse. A disgusting, I've forgotten how to clean up after myself, what personal hygiene and a nutritional balanced meal is kind of way. When Dave went to Montreal last month I didn't shower for days, I lived off of pizza delivery, taquitos and mail-order danishes for the entire long weekend. I let the house get messy. No, slothenly. It was so entirely out of character. And now that I've painted that dazzling picture of myself, let me just say: although I miss Dave when he's not here, I don't think that that's the reason for my complete disregard for all things I normally stand for. I think I just do it because I can. Dave left very early this morning for a (very) short business trip and before I even realized what I was doing it was Montreal all over again. By noon the house was a mess and there were dishes everywhere. I went through the Wendy's drive-thru for supper. And then I decided to do something very me. I tackled my to-do list. Take that silly bachelordom. I will fight you and I will win!


-Clean/scrub bathroom
-Wash shower curtain
-Take down and pack away remaining Christmas decorations
-Sew and hang curtains in bedroom
-Water plants
-Fold and put away bedding
-Wash, dry and put away baking dishes
-Empty and reload dishwasher
-Take out garbage
-Salt walkway and deck
-Straighten/tidy house
-Hand wash sweaters and winter gloves and hats
-Finish cleaning/organizing bedroom closet
-Do load of laundry

And now I feel like shouting, "Yatta!"

and going to bed...


Bryan Raydio said...

so in essence... you clean because Dave is there... so when Dave is gone... the cleaning doesn't get done... so really, it's like Dave is keeping the place clean... nice job Dave!

Dave said...

haha thanks Bryan! Couldn't have said it better myself.