Monday, August 2, 2010

Bamboo Chairs: The Reveal

Remember those bamboo chairs I talked about awhile ago? 

They were in pretty rough shape. The foam in the seats had all decomposed and would fall out and make an orange mess (you can actually see some foam dust on the floor if you look closely), there were stickers on them, they were marked up, and the ultra glossy finish on the bamboo was a little dated. Not anymore though...

I'm not one for process pictures (I tend to just scroll through them to see the finished project and just assume everyone is like that) but here's basically what I did:

-removed the seats which were attached with two finish nails and pulled the old vinyl and foam off of them (after removing the two hundred tiny upholstery nails in each seat)
-gave each chair a quick sanding to rough up the clear coat
-two coats of primer and two coats of semi-gloss white paint
-reupholstered the existing wooden seats with springs with 2 inch foam, heavy batting and upholstery fabric (The fella came to the fabric store with me and helped me pick out a fabric that we could both live with. He was very patient and very cute with the selection process)
-reattached seats

I found out that my sister didn't get them from a yard sale as I'd originally thought; she got them from my parent's best friends and they'd been passed on from there. I'm looking forward to sending her an after picture to see what she thinks. She probably has no idea that the chairs are even still kicking.  I'm sure she'll be happy to know that they will find a new home in our sunroom and will be a comfy (and pretty) place to rest. 


Bryan Raydio said...

wow, that's impressive. maybe you should go into the re-upholstering business.

Natty said...

Thanks Bray. I'm pretty happy with them. :)