Monday, August 2, 2010

Renovation and Resolution

Today I got to spend part of the holiday with my dad working away on the kitchen. I have to say things have slowed down considerably what with some of the hot weather we've had and probably partly due to renovation burnout but I'm happy to report that we're back at it and ready to finish things up. Today we cut the butcher block countertops, sanded the edges and put them into place and dry-fitted the farmhouse sink. We did a few other things but those were the noteworthy. Can't wait to post a completely finished picture. Come to think of it, I've posted a few "before" photos of different projects and I think it's about time to get to some "after"s. 

Dad has been taking pictures throughout their renovations to email to my sister and a few of their best friends who are out-of-province. He usually emails them to me as well and that's how they find their way onto my blog. One of my favourite things about the pictures he takes (aside from kitchen progress!) is the camera he takes them with; one of the first point and shoot digital cameras to enter the market. Way back when, my mom decided she wanted a digital camera and my dad bought her one. It was 1.3 megapixels with 8 megabytes of memory. And it's still kicking. And they still use it. And I have to say, it still takes a pretty okay picture. My how technology changes rapidly.


Bryan Raydio said...

looking good so far, but i think the wood matches better with a stainless steel appliance rather than a white one

Natty said...

I agree but my Mom hates stainless steel. She says it always marks with fingerprints, etc and it's hard to keep clean. What can I say, they're practical people.