Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A couple of years ago I picked up a Rubik's cube for Dave as I knew he had one at work that he liked playing with but it was falling apart. It went unsolved for quite awhile but then one day I decided that I was not going to bed until I solved it. It was far too late at night to make such a silly decision but about 45 minutes later I had it solved. I did so by researching the various steps and algorithms online. And let me tell you, even though you can find "directions" and videos to help you solve it; it is still not easy. After I'd done it several times, it got a tiny bit easier but I would often still mess up and have to start from scratch. Anyway, I solved it a few times and that was good enough for me. I do not have aspirations to become a speedcuber.

Shortly after we moved into our new place my parent's stopped in for a visit and my Dad picked up the Rubik's cube and was fiddling with it. After awhile he tossed it aside and my Mom said, "Here, I'll solve it for you!". I laughed at my silly Mom and asked her if she knew how to solve it. She told me that she solved one once before. I diverted my attention and eyes elsewhere and a few minutes later she passed me the solved cube. What?! I was impressed but immediately needed answers. Surely she had learned some algorithms or at least knew some method of solving it. I asked her again and again. And she told me, "I just play with it till I solve it". "But do you get a a 'T' on all sides first and then....", I asked trying to remember the steps I'd followed. She blinked twice and looked at me like I was insane, "I just play with it and work it until I get it". "You know that that is supposed to be virtually impossible to do right?", I added still a little bit skeptical. My Dad chimed in at this point adding that he'd been trying to solve it beforehand and so he had it partially solved for her. She looked at us both annoyed, but challenged and said, "Mess it up. I'll do it again." And so my Dad spent a couple of minutes unsolving the cube before handing it back to her. At this point I had absolutely no faith that she'd be able to do it again and thought it a complete fluke so I didn't pay much attention until lo and behold just a short few minutes later, she'd done it again. my Mom a genius?


Bryan Raydio said...

your mom is a genius. who knew? and what happened to you?

Natty said...