Monday, July 19, 2010

Google is Killing Me

I have bad circulation but never thought much of it. But lately I have been getting that pins and needles feeling quite a lot and out of curiosity I googled "bad circulation" and found several articles that started with "Bad Circulation which is also known as the Silent Killer...." and now I think I'm dying.

The internet is amazing. The ability to "google" whatever I want whenever I want is something that I don't ever want to live without. I can think of very few negatives associated with the online world. The ability to search symptoms and diagnose yourself with insane illnesses and decide you are going to die soon is one of them.

My name is Natty and I was NOT a hypochondriac before Google made me one.


Bryan Raydio said...

i have bad circulation. i'm probably dying too. if the way i feel today is any indication, i might not make it past 85.

Natty said...

So you are being silently killed by google as well. Neat.

Chaf said...

I wonder if doctors hate it when you say "I googled the symptoms and found the remedy. Can you prescribe this drug?"

Natty said...

My doctor is awesome. She embraces it when I self-diagnose using Google. If you Google "Google Diagnosis" you will find a bunch of studies that claim that Google more accurately diagnoses illness than Doctors.