Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have always loved Caramel. Don't worry, it doesn't at all hinder my ability to also love chocolate.
Some favourites include:
And lets not forget one of my all-time favourites (and pretty much the reason why I sometimes convince myself that I simply cannot get any work done that particular day unless I bring my laptop to Starbucks); the Caramel Frappuchino

And in my quest for all things caramel I did something that I'm surprised I hadn't done before; I went to the grocery store and I bought a bottle of the stuff. (Yes, you CAN do that!)
This bottle to be precise:

And while I must first admit that I have sometimes found myself stuffing a butter knife down the neck of the bottle so that I could lick it off (and yes I "double-dipped" but don't judge me), I have to say that all around the purchase was disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious. It's the packaging that doesn't make sense to me. The label says to refrigerate once opened. No problem. But the sauce is so thick that it makes it impossible to drizzle. And refrigeration only compounds that problem. It also says to "shake before serving" which makes me laugh because when you shake it, the caramel doesn't move at all. And trying to drizzle pour it out of the bottle is impossible because it's as slow as molasses. You have to leave the bottle upside down for awhile to get any out and there will be no drizzling at any time. Why on earth does this not come in a squeeze bottle? It would be so much easier to squeeze into my mouth drizzle on dessert.

I have been trying to use it on my homemade iced coffee drinks but it's quite difficult and messy. I am planning on finding and purchasing a squeeze bottle, looking for a recipe on Recipe Zaar (which apparently is now called and making my own. I'll let you know how it goes. And yes, I know that this post would be better served had I actually done the making of the caramel before I actually posted about it. But I am of the camp that if I say I'm going to do it (even if it is just to my one faithful reader) than I'll do it. So, are you running out for some caramel yet? Happy Craving.


Bryan Raydio said...

mmm caramel. those flaky things are gross though. also, agree that caramel should not be refrigerated. as your attorney i advise you to remove it from the home refrigeration device immediately and place it in a cupboard of your choice, preferably one with assorted other delights that the caramel might get along with. i want a sundae.