Friday, December 31, 2010


I worked. I volunteered. I ate. I drank. I was merry. I crafted, I built and I DIYed. I ran. I renovated my parents entry-way. As a surprise. I went to Montreal. For a week. With my sister. We moved. Into a house. I built a headboard. I swam. I celebrated Dave's birthday with him. I started horseback riding. I got bucked off. Twice. I bicycled. A lot. I helped renovate my parent's kitchen. I chopped my hair off. And donated it. I learned some jewelry-making. I raked and mowed and gardened. I did a triathlon. I ran some more. I celebrated birthdays with friends and family. I went to the FREX. I read. I went to the casino in Moncton. I went to a friend's bachelorette. And wedding. I got massages. I had a sundae bar for my birthday. I handed out candy for Halloween. I went to holiday parties. I trimmed our tree. I got spoiled for Christmas. I ate more. I drank more. I was more merry.


Bryan Raydio said...

yay for you? that was a little hard on the eyes.