Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Things That Are Currently Making Me (Very) Happy.....

*Disclaimer* I got embarrassingly spoiled for Christmas

My mitre saw c/o my parents:

My cordless drill c/o Dave:

My air rifle c/o my sister and her boyfriend:

My Resolution Run jacket I picked up yesterday for my run on Saturday morning:
(Running swag from the Running Room)

My Christmas present to myself:

The bird feeder that Dave's parents got for me that I filled and hung last night:
(I waded through snow and climbed a ladder in the dark and am now anxiously awaiting feathered friends)

The snow block maker I bought this morning for $2.50:
(I've been on the hunt for one for a couple years)

My favourite stocking stuffer:
(Dave got me multivitamins. I thought it was romantic)

Another 5lb. box of blueberries c/o my parents:

I don't tend to shop or buy a lot of stuff throughout the year so to have so much new and shiny stuff all at once is pretty novel to me. It's crazy but I've only offered up a small sampling of my spoiledness. My Christmas was lovely and it was great to spend time with friends and family. Once we hit Boxing Day it was nice to see things slow down a little and Dave and I had a few days to relax and watch movies in bed. I'm looking forward to having the next week to play with some of my new stuff, stuffing myself with more chocolate and sweets and all around loving life.


Bryan Raydio said...

i've figured it out. it took a while but i've got it. you're training to be some new kind of super soldier. the super sneaky kind. the jacket and watch are merely to improve your stamina. the feeder is to attract targets for your nifty assault weapon, which you will fire from behind your cleverly built secret snow igloo, which is the point of the snow brick maker. the blueberries and multivitamins are to prepare your body to survive extreme conditions on a minimalist diet of berries and vitamins. and the power tools... well you'll just have to ask Tony Montana about those ones... the jig is up! i'm on to you!

Natty said...

This comment made me laugh. That is all.