Monday, December 6, 2010

Chalkboard Message Board

I had been wanting to put a chalkboard up somewhere central for us to write lists and notes, etc. on. At first I thought about the mudroom, and then thought maybe the fridge and then when I actually stood in the kitchen and thought about it I realized that the pantry door would be the perfect spot. It's right beside our main entrance, in a spot that you can't miss when you're heading out or coming in. I had been planning on buying some chalkboard vinyl from Winners or Chapters but wanted to wait until I got my hands on some chalkboard markers. I'm glad I did because as luck would have it, I found rolls of chalkboard vinyl at the dollarstore and in an even greater twist of fate the roll was exactly the same width as the door and an inch or two longer. When I saw something similar on this blog, I decided to do cut-outs on the bottom and sort of freehand copied her leaf version but you could easily draw any design on the paper backing and cut it out.

A before and after: 

Project Cost: $1.00

In a not-so-desirable twist of fate, I accidentally ordered waterproof chalkboard markers and have to use Windex to clean them off. I'm rather sure that Santa is planning on putting some water solubles in my stocking though so all will be well.

And just because I can:


Bryan Raydio said...

you are like the dollar store Martha Stewart.