Friday, November 26, 2010

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree
Thy lights are beautiful and convenient

Huh? Yeah, I know. Last night I was out and about and shopping around for all things Christmas (hopefully lots of Christmasey posts to follow) and I stumbled upon a sale item that became an impulse buy for me. I don't normally fall into that trap but this $5.00 gadget was too amazing not to buy. My biggest complaint though was that there were no details on the package about how this little bundle of fun worked so I was a tad skeptical. I was going to buy one for a stocking stuffer for my dad as well but decided to try the first one in case it was a dud. It's not! It's CHRISTMAS CHANGING! What is it you ask? Why it's the Carlon Christmas Tree Lights Touch Control. Or if that doesn't make things clear for you it's a little brass tree ornament that you hang on your tree, it connects to a dimmer box that connects to your lights (all of this is hidden of course besides the ornament) and you just touch the ornament to turn the lights on, there are three brightness settings and then off. Basically it turns your Christmas tree into a touch lamp. Yeah, I know. Amazing.

Btw, this is my hundredth post. Most people would say "yay me!" I say, "took you long enough!"
Okay, so a little yay me.


Dave said...

Congratulations Nat! 100 Posts!

Bryan Raydio said...

wow that's actually a pretty cool little gadget. i kinda want one for my parents. nice work on the 100 posts. only 200 behind me.

Natty said...

Canadian Tire. I got the last two at the Northside one but they may have them on the other side or Oromocto. Let me know if you find one. :)