Monday, November 29, 2010

Havin' a Ball

The other day I posted a photo of a Christmas project I had started. For some reason this year I have wreath fever and we just may end up with a house full by the end of the festive season. In fact, last week I kept doing google image searches for wreaths to get some ideas. I've seen them before but the photos of wreaths made with ball ornaments were calling out to me. I was going to wing it but decided to read some of the blog entries to get some tips. Almost every single one referenced me back to Eddie Ross' blog where he posted a tutorial. I won't bother with any directions because I followed the tutorial pretty closely. I will add that I wanted to be able to have the option to not cover the top with a ribbon and bow so I tried to hide the top of the hanger and where I twisted it closed as best I could. This was the only difficult part and I highly recommend needle-nose pliers. It can be hard to make the top look uniform like the rest of the wreath when you close it. I did a little frigging and it wasn't too bad. There was one slightly bare spot so I just took an extra ornament and hot-glued it to its surrounding ornaments (making sure the glued spots are hidden in the centre of the wreath.)

Even though it's hung on the inside of our sunroom door, through the glass it looks lovely and festive from the street too!


Bryan Raydio said...

eddie ross.

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to post something like this on my website and this gave me an idea. Cheers.