Thursday, November 4, 2010

Café Olé

Tonight I went to pick up some groceries at Victory and I saw a couple that used to frequent the coffee shop where I worked when I was 15/16. As soon as I saw them I thought, 'Tall café latté and tall café mocha'. I don't normally speak to people I recognize from jobs I had 12+ years ago but for some reason I decided to. And I'm glad I did. I told them that I remembered what they used to order and her name though I wasn't sure if I remembered his (I knew it either started with the same letter or rhymed with hers) and they kept saying they couldn't believe how good my memory is. I asked them if they still order the same thing and they said that they don't go out for coffee very often anymore but they do still stick with their old favourites. They asked me if I was surprised that they were still together. And she made a comment about how the odds are against couples lasting as long as they had especially with "how much we used to fight back then". That made me smile. She said that as soon as I started talking she could remember my voice and me and they asked me my name. He just kept shaking his head in awe at me remembering them so well and I told him that if I bump into them again next week and he doesn't remember me he's in trouble. I gathered my bags, wished them well and left the store, smiling and feeling happy and quite honestly feeling a little high on my horse at how awesome I am to remember people so well from so long ago.

And then I went to walk to my car and realized that I was walking in the wrong direction and had forgotten where I parked.

Life is funny sometimes. 


Bryan Raydio said...

it's funny, but i feel that this story is the most accurate appraisal of a typical day in the life of you that you've posted yet.

Natty said...

It's all me but thanks. For some reason I take this as a compliment.