Monday, September 27, 2010

YAAAAAAYYYY! (New Running Shoes, Obv.)

The Mizuno Wave Creation Running Shoes cured me several years ago of terrible, horrible, very bad shin splints. Only two stores in my city carried them and at quite a bit more than the SRP. The Running Room has apparently decided to no longer sell them in their stores (or online) unfortunately. Since I'm well overdue for a new pair I decided to see if they were clearing them out on their website. I was in luck. I snagged them for about $100 less than if I'd bought them in-store. They're not the prettiest shoe but they sure do the trick.

Btw, I'm a neutral runner with high arches if you were wondering. :)


Bryan Raydio said...

what does obv. mean? nice shoes, btw

Natty said...