Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Indulgent Days of Summer

The last couple of days have been hugely indulgent for me. Yesterday I had my hair done, I had Dimitri's for dinner and attended a jewelry class where I made a bracelet and earrings. Today I had an hour long massage and then had a mountain of chicken, vegetables and jasmine rice with a coconut milk and curry sauce for dinner and organic blueberries and whipped cream for dessert. I've also been ingesting blended coffee drinks with whipped cream like they are the elixir of life. I am really developing a talent for drinking whipped cream through a straw. So good. So so good.

I guess I shouldn't really describe all of this as indulgence. Where I volunteer we talk about self-care and how when you are dealing with difficult topics and devoting a lot of time to volunteer work you have to remember to do nice things for yourself, do things you enjoy and take time to relax to avoid burnout. I'm getting really good at it.


Dave said...

Oh you're good at it alright. Treats, treats, treats. All day every day. That dinner was good though! Bigup!