Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pack Rat

I have always loved and wanted a vintage suitcase. This is totally silly considering I rarely travel. But hey, if there is something that can make packing a little more fun, I'm all for it.

Why the thoughts on packing? Because I'm going away for the weekend and majorly putting off packing. I don't know why so many people complain about unpacking. It is SO much faster than packing. Step 1: bring your suitcase to the washing machine, drop clothes in washer. Step 2: Carry toiletry bag to bathroom, put away contents. Step 3: Put suitcase away. Congratulations you have just turned unpacking into a load of laundry. Whenever I go away I'm usually unpacked within five minutes of stepping in the door. Packing though, that's another story. It makes me feel like I have all this stuff that needs to be done but I just can't get myself to do it. And I hate the whole thing about packing where you have to leave some stuff out because you'll need it before you leave but then you worry the whole time that you'll forget to put it in and then you have to make a packing list and a separate, "Don't forget to pack this before you leave" list. Maybe I have some sort of compulsive packing disorder to go along with the obsessive compulsive disorder I think I may be mildly afflicted by. And the moral of the story? I am fairly certain SURE that a vintage suitcase could change all that. The End.