Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is ANYONE listening?

The other day I wrote a post asking Aliant if they were listening. If someone from Aliant someday reads it, that would be great but I obviously wrote it while acknowledging how highly doubtful it is that anyone would. They should be reading what's out there in the interwebs about them but I don't care to go on anymore about that. I also don't have the energy to talk about the fact that it took about six more phone calls with them to get anything any closer to straightened out and I'll believe it when I see it. ANYWAY, as I wrote, "Are you listening Aliant?" I couldn't help but wonder if anyone was. I don't want a blog so that I can have hundreds or even thousands of followers, I don't. That's far too much pressure and while I know I have interesting things to say, I'm not that interesting. And people will always say how if you want people to read your blog it needs to have a theme, a shtick. But what if I don't want one? I just want to write about whatever I want to write about. So, while I'm not interested in having tons of people reading what I'm putting out there, is it so terrible to want someone to read it? And someone does read my blog and no, it's not my boyfriend, though you would think he'd be compelled to. I've begged. He won't. The one person (that I know of) who reads this left a comment on my post the other day to the effect of, "This is too long so I didn't read it". Fair enough. Time is money and all that. Wait a minute. I just spent a considerable amount of time writing something that there is a good chance that no one will ever read, ever. What?! And while I haven't mass emailed my blog out to everyone I know, I have sent it to a select handful of people and the response ranged from no response to, "cool" (though I'm rather sure they never looked at it) to, "I'm not into that stuff. Sorry." It is really difficult to find the motivation to spend time writing and posting when I know there is a chance that no one will ever read it. But no one will ever want to read it if I haven't spent time developing it. Looks like I've got a case of the Catch-22s.

So what is it? And is anyone out there?


Bryan Raydio said...

still here. i read this one. i'm honoured to be your only dedicated reader. i recommend continuing to post whatever you wish and letting the universe decide who sees it. and maybe put it on Stumble Upon. it's for people who are bored and need new and crazy things to see and read.