Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars Fail

I'm not really one to care much about awards shows and actually tend to often get them mixed up ("The Oscars? That's the ones for the movies right? I thought that was the Academy Awards?!"). So anyway, I don't put much stock in any of these shows because it all seems sort of arbitrary and silly and who picks them anyway, right?! I'll tell you who picks them: 6,000 people who are in a secret club together. I'm not kidding. And no one knows for sure who they all are. It's a secret. So why on earth do so many of us stay up until 1:00 am watching the four-hour long results of a vote by a secret "Academy"? Why do we care what 6,000 strangers think? No, really. Why do we?

So while for some odd reason my heart wants to be all up in arms over the fact that The Hurt Locker beat out Avatar, my head has convinced me that it means nothing at all.

Some additional notes point form:

-What I think about The Hurt Locker: just another American film about how much Americans suffer in their various wars on other peoples around the planet.
-I can pick at least five movies that I think were more deserving of winning Best Picture of 2009
-Picturing James Cameron diving into his pools of money a la Scrooge McDuck helps me sleep at night
-The fact that Kathryn Bigelow is his ex-wife and beat him is not as entertaining when you consider that she was three wives ago


David said...

I liked the Hurt Locker. ;)