Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who on Earth is going to buy an Ipad? Me!

I've spent much of my free time in the past day and a half reading about the Ipad and watching recent online activity float by and clicking on what interests me. Many of these blog posts and articles are things like "Ten Reasons Not to Buy an Ipad", etc. and those that proclaim that the Ipad is the future of media are berated in the comments sections and asked if they are on Apple's payroll or called fanboys and fangirls. I have no doubts that the Ipad will do just fine, especially at its pleasing price point.

Let me start by saying, I am none of these previously mentioned things. I have a Creative Zen mp3 player, a Dell laptop and in fact have never purchased anything Apple ever. I was never nor am I now anti-Apple, though I do remember in the late 80's and early 90's listening to my Dad's disdain for Apple products. He has since conceded that they are fine machines these days and like me realizes that the whole PC vs. Apple debate is now all about personal preference (though I'm sure many would argue that fact).

So with all this smack talk over the Ipad why am I so enamoured with it? It's EXACTLY what I want. No, seriously. All of the lists of reasons why you shouldn't buy it are exactly my reasons why I want to. I have no use for a built in camera or web cam. I do not own or care to own a cellphone. This is precisely why I do not own an Iphone. I considered buying a Kindle but wasn't sold on it and thus hadn't yet. I want a media device that is smaller than a laptop but larger than a smartphone. Hello! My only worry thus far is that I am in Canada and am very curious about 3G plans (or lack therof). This though, isn't a dealbreaker for me. If I'm displeased in this regards, I will purchase the wireless version as my city has several wireless hotspots and for use at home, etc.

I also feel I must say something about the name. Are people seriously listing this as a downfall? It's the size of a pad of paper, it is a tablet (which by the way is another word for PAD OF PAPER). I even read an article on a women's website that talked about how it was an example of how dangerous it can be to not have women on your marketing team. Seriously? (Go google "Ipad" and "Women" to be instantly amused by articles titled "Women Horrified by IPad's Ridiculously Inappropriate Name". I personally think that it is a rather fitting name, accurate description of what it is and keeps with their branding technique. But then I also had thought that period jokes stopped being socially acceptable after junior high.

I will probably wait 6 months after release but I WILL own this and I have no doubt that so will many of the anonymous hater-commentators.


Bryan Raydio said...

why on earth would you buy an Ipad?